Phantom Speed II: Eye of the Storm

Phantom Speed II: Eye of the Storm

The theme of Bugatti's "Phantom Speed" Series II is the power of a whirlwind, giving it the power of thunder and feeling the infinite mechanical charm of speeding above the clouds.

Once again subverting the limits of imagination. Newly upgraded craftsmanship, whirlwind hollow dial, movement back, unlimited vision, unlimited pursuit, ambition and courage at a glance. The mechanical melody moves with the swing of the core, pursuing the restlessness with the mechanical rhythm, and climbing to the top with Bugatti.

The impeccable sense of power and the multi-layered dynamic mechanical dial are just like there is a force on the dial, giving people an unstoppable and extraordinary aura.

Inheriting German watchmaking technology and equipped with Cal.BT16-03G fully automatic imported movement, it can achieve extraordinary things with every thought and pay tribute to ambition with innovation.

A number of famous watch designers have worked together to create a mechanical aesthetic that complements the sapphire mirror cutting process. The barrel-shaped three-layer stainless steel case has been refined at 1400°C and then hand-finished. It is as hard as a rock and shows boldness. Innovative aesthetics and art, and the infinite expansion of the pursuit of extreme charm, without fear of challenging the limits of sports, are extremely legendary.
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