Phantom Speed III × Unlimited Creativity

Phantom Speed III × Unlimited Creativity

More than a hundred years ago, Germany, which shined brightly in the Industrial Revolution, opened a path to explore precision timepieces for political and business elites around the world. Today, more than a hundred years later, Bugatti has inherited the craftsmanship of German precision watchmaking and is back with the Phantom Series III, exploring with you the stories behind precision timepieces and complex mechanical watches.

People who love watches cherish watches very much. In addition to the uniqueness of the watch itself, it also has a unique symbolic meaning. Bugatti goes with you on the road to success.

As a bold and innovative high-end brand, Bugatti and its team of R&D engineers have been committed to creating a passionate and infinitely creative mechanical watch, integrating ingenuity and innovation into the latest "Phantom" series. The Phantom Speed Ⅲ is another Bugatti product. A masterpiece of concentration.

The unique mechanical dial and rubber material on the same watch present a visual excitement and burst out a source of inspiration. This is the first milestone design of Phantom III's unlimited creativity.

The three functional small dials designed on the bezel not only record the hours and minutes, but also form a unique triangular loop. The brushed texture not only enhances the beauty of the mechanical watch but also embodies the sense of precision and high-end. This is the second element of the Phantom III’s unlimited creativity. A milestone design.

A gentle curved surface design is integrated into the case, and the mechanical art of the hands and dial is embellished with atmospheric alternating colors. I am familiar with the "art of fusion". The watch of the future is a fusion of past and present, where materials from the past, today and tomorrow blend harmoniously. Exquisite watchmaking craftsmanship complements the bold and avant-garde iconic design, and the traditional mechanical structure and new architecture complement each other. In the end, all kinds of professional masters in the watch factory worked together, exerted their talents and sweat, and jointly achieved extraordinary watch masterpieces.
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